Official bio

Isaac Holmgren is a business consultant who works with home service businesses to reach customers and build businesses. While he has worked on many projects, he is possibly best known for his love of bacon.


  • 2019: Moved to Florida for 6 months, became a father!
  • 2018: Started Labtorio
  • 2017: Married! Coordinated office and marketing for Direct Plumbing Solutions
  • 2016: More Pedal Websites
  • 2015: Quit my job to start Pedal Websites
  • 2013: Re-joined ClearSight Studio as their first Account Manager
  • 2012: Moved to North Dakota for a year
  • 2011: First time self-employed, designed logos at Candid Lion
  • 2010: Designed websites for ClearSight Design


I’m part of a tiny fraction of the world’s population with this strange neurological glitch. If you’ve ever seen a video of a fainting goat or a dog that collapses when it gets too excited, then you’ve seen me. You can read my story and find ways to support people with cataplexy.


Have some time on your hands? Here is a longer list of things I’ve done or attempted.

  • Moved to South Florida
  • Started Labtorio, marketing for home service pros
  • Created Do Tell video series
  • Led business development and marketing for Direct Plumbing Solutions
  • Worked at Mod Pizza
  • Started a weekly email newsletter
  • Published a video 50 videos on YouTube (updated October 2017)
  • Co-produced Almonds video short
  • Produced SLEEP video short
  • Produced Pedal Agency video series
  • Built a business for a living
  • Started my second business, Pedal Websites
  • Recorded 6 songs in 6 hours
  • Started Creative Home Studio website project
  • Co-hosted ClearChat with Justin Huskey
  • Co-wrote Because It Matters e-book with Benjamin Holmgren
  • Returned to ClearSight Studio
  • Wrote every day for 1 month
  • Made a living as a screen printer
  • Lived in North Dakota for a year
  • Started publishing Bacon Proverbs
  • Hosted Spark, an entrepreneur meetup
  • Started The Big Swap
  • Designed logos for a living
  • Started my first business, Candid Lion
  • Planned LaunchCaptain
  • Recorded Tourist With A Polaroid
  • Designed websites at ClearSight Studio
  • Wrote my first blog post
  • Designed a graphic t-shirt line
  • Played piano at assisted living homes
  • Played a fundraising concert
  • Remodeled homes
  • Worked for Nick n’ Willy’s franchise
  • Security guard at a middle school
  • Studied Criminal Justice
  • Started a sci-fi novel (wrote 3 chapters)
  • Worked at Papa John’s
  • Produced The Mystery Boxes
  • Did architectural drafting
  • Composed MIDI music
  • Composed guitar tabs
  • Started recording music
  • Taught myself to play the piano
  • Learned to play the guitar

You can also check out what I’m doing now.