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If you’re like most business owners I know, you started off working for someone else.

You learned a trade – like plumbing, carpet cleaning, or auto detailing.

Then one day you decided to start your own business. You bought equipment, printed up business cards, found your first customer. You’re on your own! And if yours is like most service businesses…

…eventually you realized that customers don’t show up by themselves.

No matter how good of a tradesperson you are, there comes a day when the phone doesn’t ring. Work comes and goes; sometimes you can’t keep up, and others you’re dead in the water.

Even when you’re busy, it’s hard to know if and when you’re ready to grow. You’d like to hire, but you’re not sure: will there be enough work?

So you picked up business books, read online marketing blogs, and tried some advice in an online forum. And while it all sounds good on paper, in real life it doesn’t always work out. You spend money on a new website, a Yelp profile, or Facebook ads, but you’re not sure if it’s doing any good.

At some point, you might even start to accept that most online marketing advice doesn’t seem to work for you.

When I started marketing for a service plumbing company, I was naive. I tried to use growth hacking . I used the ‘expert tips’ I read on marketing websites. I spent money on ads that didn’t work and hired experts who didn’t help.

I quickly found out that what works for big tech companies and online businesses doesn’t work for a plumbing company. I found a lot of marketing methods that just plain failed. But with each failure or dead end, I starting learning what does work.

With patience and persistence, I learned how to use marketing channels to reach prospects and turn them into customers. In the first year after I was hired, our monthly revenue grew by 80% and we become the most-reviewed plumber in our market. Along the way…

  • We’ve learned how to find the right customers by saying ‘no’.
  • We’ve found out how to make customers happier by raising our prices.
  • We’ve found ways to reduce our reliance on paid lead services like Yelp or HomeAdvisor.
  • We’ve learned how understanding our customer can triple our conversion rates.
  • We’ve built a marketing system that works even when we’re off the clock.

(As I write this, we got another 5-star review from a happy customer – at 9pm on a weekend!)

I’m not here to just spout theoretical tips and tricks. Everything I share with you is from real-world experience. Just like you, we have big plans and a long path ahead. This website is about showing you how to avoid the mistakes I’ve made, and sharing what I learn along the way.

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