WP Starter Pack

The tools I use to launch MVP websites in under an hour

Ever since I bought my first domain name, I’ve been using WordPress to build websites. Even after learning to code, I’ve continued to build and launch sites on WordPress.

At the beginning, I loved WordPress for starter sites because I could get professional results without writing code. I would search out the perfect theme and spend time filling out the widgets to make it look just like ‘those other sites’.

Today I use WordPress because it’s my most pragmatic choice. I can launch a WordPress site in 25 minutes, which lets me put time into the important part of the site: the content. Also, I know that if I need to extend the site, my options are virtually limitless.

In order to be able to launch a starter WordPress site quickly, I’ve developed a system for how I set up new projects. It’s allowed me to reduce setup from weeks to minutes.

WP Starter Pack

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The step-by-step setup guide I use to launch websites in under an hour.