Local Marketing Strategies

I want to make this page the best resource on the web for local marketing strategies.

Right now, it’s a work in progress. To make this page as useful as possible, I need your help.

Rather than pontificate about abstract marketing nonsense, I’d prefer to highlight strategies that work to solve the problems you’re experiencing in your business. I’ve been doing marketing for small businesses since 2010, and I know just how difficult it can be to take big business advice and make it work for a local business.

On the other hand, I’ve seen enough local marketing succeed to know that there is a right way to do it, and that local businesses who understand marketing, win.

What can I help you understand about local marketing? Send me an email or Facebook message and let me know.

Customer Review Strategies

How To Write The Best Review Emails

Learn how a simple automated follow-up email generated over fifty 5-star reviews. I’ve even provided the email, word-for-word, so you can use it yourself.

How We Get Customers to Write Reviews

After the success of our review email, we found a way to improve – and shorten up the review times from weeks to hours.