Local Marketing Guides

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Here are some of my favorite local marketing guides, created by top marketing experts.

How to understand your ideal customer

Listen to what they’re saying

Amazon Review Mining by Joanna Weibe

This one is a gold mine. Joanna explains how to use people’s opinions of products to understand their deepest desires… even if you’re a local service business.

Create a customer persona

How to Create Highly Accurate Customer Personas for Marketing by Neil Patel

Learn how to create an accurate, detailed marketing persona. Neil Patel is one of the most visible names in Internet marketing, and his guides make it obvious why.

How to find prospective customers

My sales coach brother Benjamin likes to call these people “suspects”.

Ask existing customers for referrals

A referral-generating email to send to your clients by David Tendrich

Get new customers through existing happy customers. If you’ve ever wondered how to ask for referrals, this short article will get you there.

Talk to them on social media

The $1.80 Instagram Strategy by Gary Vaynerchuk

Sometimes finding customers is as simple as searching for them. In this completely practical snippet, Gary explains how to use Instagram hashtags to find your target market.

How to get attention

Buy ads

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Google AdWords by Neil Patel

Learn how to use AdWords to target your ideal customer and get their attention. Also, don’t miss How to Copy the Best AdWords Campaigns, also by Neil because he’s incredible.

A Quick Guide to Local Pack Ads by Darren Shaw and Joy Hawkins

Short-cut your way to the top of the Local Pack with ads. Research shows that 35% of Local Pack results have ads, so this is a an area of opportunity in 2018. This guide is put together by two big names in the local SEO world, so pay close attention.

Make cold connections

Using Cold Emails to 14X my Business by Laura Lopuch

Laura hits on some key points for cold emails… although one of the examples she uses is one of those annoying SEO cold emails that we all love so much.

How to network on Instagram by Gary Vaynerchuk

Learn how to use Instagram to build new connections and turn strangers into prospects. As usual, Gary Vee delivers actionable advice and gets to the point. Also check out his $1.80 Instagram Strategy.

How to sell

Selling in person

I’m still looking for a good guide to cold calling (in person or over the phone). If you know of one, let me know.

Selling with a website

The Landing Page Course

Learn how to build effective landing pages and get new customers online. As the name implies, it’s unfair to classify this as a guide; it’s a full course created by a popular landing page software company. Also, see The Definitive Guide to Creating High-Converting Landing Pages by Neil Patel for even more great advice.

Step-By-Step Landing Page Copywriting by Nathan Barry

If you’re wondering what to write on your website that will convince someone to buy from you, this is the guide for you.

Comprehensive guides

These guides are too broad to fit in a single category, but they’re so packed with valuable info that they must be mentioned. Even though they’re not specific to service businesses, I’ve adapted several concepts or ideas from these guides in the plumbing business.

Getting Clients by Mike Monteiro

Written from a design agency perspective, this long article contains some gems that apply just as well to other industries.

Growth Hacking by Julian Shapiro

Learn how tech startups maximize their marketing budgets and blur the lines between sales and marketing.