Black Friday 2018

I don’t usually participate in the mad rush to buy things I don’t need, but I’m trying to loosen up and take myself a little less seriously this year. In the spirit of that goal, here’s a list of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday deals that I thought were worth mentioning.

I’ll update this list as I find more deals and get sales emails from my favorite small businesses.

Also, I probably could have signed up for affiliate programs and gotten some sort of kickback from these, but it’s Thanksgiving and I’d rather just throw links in a list and call it a day.

Favorite small biz deals

I like small businesses. Who doesn’t? These are some of my favorite businesses. I still buy from them, discount or no.

  • 25% off everything at Ugmonk on Friday only (
  • Jason and Caroline Zook are doing a “bump sale” that starts at $25 for $2500 worth of courses and material (
  • 25% off Elementor Pro, the plug-in we use at Labtorio to build beautiful WordPress sites without code (
  • Varying discounts on Ainste Wallets, my favorite slim wallet (
  • Not a sale, but Angus Woodman’s new app Grapefruit can help you manage your mental health (

Dirt cheap

These are deals on products I like which are really cheap this weekend.